New Global Coordinator for Global Coordinator for Crops for the Future

Dr Michael Hermann has over 22 years working on different aspects of agricultural biodiversity with particular emphasis on the conservation and utilisation of a range of neglected and underutilised crops. Trained as a crop ecophysiologist and horticultural engineer, Michael has worked for 20 years in Latin America, but also managed large multi-locational projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. His special area of expertise is on root and tuber crops, but his experience has more broadly emphasised use strategies for underutilised crops, post-harvest technologies, and product and small enterprise innovation with the ultimate goal of linking poor farmers to markets for income generation. With vast experience in policy work on under utilised crops, he has been spearheading advocacy efforts in conjunction with UNCTAD, donors and trade promotion bodies for legislative change of EU food safety legislation that has emerged as a non-tariff barrier to trade in biodiversity products. Michael is based at our regional office in Serdang, Malaysia. ❖